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The Future of Archives is Participatory: Archives as Platform, or A New Mission for Archives

This is the talk I gave this morning—by phone rather than in person because of the Lufthansa pilots’ strike—at the Offene Archive 2.1 conference in Stuttgart. It’s also similar to the talk I gave in Oslo a few weeks ago … Continue reading

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Survey: Archives & preservation of social media

If you are an archivist or special collections librarian, please take a few minutes and complete this survey, which part of an academic study by a postgraduate student at the University of Dundee:   It is designed to establish to what … Continue reading

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Deadline for case study proposals

As you might expect, since today was the deadline I set for case study proposals for the new books on appraisal/acquisition and instruction, proposals are coming in nicely. If you had a great idea but need just a few more … Continue reading

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Is any archives working with writers to preserve their social media content?

I’m posting this great question on behalf of Kirsty Lee, a student in the master’s program at the Centre for Archive and Information Studies at the University of Dundee. Does anyone know of an archives, special collection department or other … Continue reading

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The role of “the professional discipline” in archives and digital archives

Why this discussion matters: part one Everyone knows words can be slippery things and language evolves. Words mean different things in different contexts and people adopt and adapt words to suit their own needs.  So in some ways, my ongoing … Continue reading

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Call for papers: “Archiving Activism and Activist Archiving” in Archival Science journal

This call has been making the rounds, but it’s a great topic and am very much looking forward to seeing some thought-provoking contributions. Please share widely and considering proposing a paper if you have something to share. The deadline is … Continue reading

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Guest Post: CurateGear 2014

You never know what a tweet will lead to … one from Tanya Zanish-Belcher about her experience at CurateGear led to this great guest post by Tanya and two of her colleagues. I’m pleased to be able to share this … Continue reading

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Time to nominate publications & colleagues for SAA awards–Feb. 28 deadline

Everyone likes to be recognized for the work they do, and you can help your colleagues and the profession by submitting nominations for this year’s round of SAA awards. Here are just a few categories for you to consider, and … Continue reading

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“Now is what matters”: My first official appearance as an “agent provocateur” at the Canadian Archives Summit

I was very honored to have been invited to present as one a group of “Agents Provocateurs” at the Canadian Archives Summit last week. It was an exciting line-up of speakers, as you can see from the program. My remarks, … Continue reading

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Call for proposals for case studies for next books in innovation series: instruction & appraisal and acquisition

I hope you got so excited by seeing the contents of the first four books in this series in the previous posts that you’ll want to contribute to the next two! In 2014 I will be editing two new books … Continue reading

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