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Next up for Archivists Reading Group: The Levy Report (if you don’t know what that is, you should)

I’m excited to say that the next reading over on the Archivists Reading Together blog will be a report commissioned by SAA and published in 1984, The Image of Archivists: Resource Allocaters’ Perceptions, commonly referred to as “The Levy Report.” It’s … Continue reading

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Adopt a wax cylinder for Christmas & other ways you can help archives before the tax year ends

Yesterday on Facebook I was reminded of the wonderful “Adopt a Cylinder Program” sponsored by the Cylinder Digitization and Preservation Project at the Department of Special Collections, U.C. Santa Barbara. It gives you an opportunity to browse the list of early … Continue reading

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Update on situation for archives in Canada

As you  may know if you’re on the A&A listerv or following along on Twitter or Facebook, a lot has been happening with public funding for archives in Canada, and I’m afraid almost all of it is not good. A … Continue reading

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Two Kickstarter projects to look at

If you have a few dollars left over after you have made your donation to the Spontaneous Scholarships fund, please consider contributing to one of these interesting Kickstarter projects: 2nd Scene Culture City Project   2nd Scene Culture City Project is … Continue reading

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Archives and history on Kickstarter

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. This is the first in (I hope) a regular series of posts highlighting projects on Kickstarter that relate to archives and history. Here’s a short list of what’s available for … Continue reading

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PAHR will be introduced in Sentate soon–time to start working on your Senators!

A message from the PAHR Joint Task Force: We’ve got the Preserving the American Historical Record legislation in place in the House & now it’s time to mount the campaign in the Senate. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Senator Carl … Continue reading

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White House budget cuts Save America’s Treasures and Preserve America grant programs, NARA and NHPRC avoid major hits

As noted by Andrew Hazlett (@theoccasional), the 2011 budget proposed by the White House cuts funding for the Save America’s Treasures grant program, as well as the Preserve America grants (both managed by the National Park Service). According to the … Continue reading

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Truly fantastic news about PAHR

I think that PAHR–Preserving the American Historical Record, a bill to provide federal formula grants to every state for projects that preserve historical records and make them more accessible–is without doubt one of the most important efforts the American archival … Continue reading

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Call for: Reasons to the Thankful for Archives (and Archivists)

Last night via their Twitter account the Australian Society of Archivists called attention to a blog post listing “85 Reasons to be Thankful for Librarians” and asked what the archival equivalent would be. A good question, don’t you think? The … Continue reading

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What–we might have to start all over again with PAHR in 2011?!!!

Yes, it’s true, even after all the drum-beating we’ve been doing lately, PAHR still doesn’t have enough sponsors. Kathleen Roe writes: We very much need to have over 50 co-sponsors for PAHR by the end of this calendar year–it will … Continue reading

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