Updates on the Oregon Historical Society Research Library

Below is an update message, originally sent out to the Facebook group:

Thank you for showing your support of the Oregon Historical Society Research library in joining the Facebook group, “Save the Oregon Historical Society Research Library & Staff!”

If you haven’t been visiting the Facebook page directly, it’s worth noting some of the discussions that have recently posted:

1) The Northwest History Network, a non-profit consortium of history professionals, called a meeting on Sunday, March 1 at PSU. More than 20 people attended and generated ways to take action to support the OHS Research Library. If you have ideas, please share them on the Facebook page.

2) The NHN approved a resolution regarding the OHS Research Library and staff and delivered it to the OHS board and Oregon legislators. You can read the full text of the resolution and a press release regarding the meeting on the Facebook group page. You are also invited to read and add your signature and testimonial to the resolution at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/Save-the-OHSRL-and-staff

3) Group members have been posting letters they have sent to their legislators and others at the website, as well as contact information for people who may be able to influence the decision to close the library. If you’ve contacted someone on behalf of the OHS Research Library, consider sharing what you’ve written with the group. If you haven’t, look at the site for ideas about who to contact – and then do it!

4) The Oregon Historical Society has announced a “listening session” for members on March 17 at 4 PM at OHS.

5) Planning is underway for an event on March 13 to mark the library staff’s last day at OHS. Ideas include soapbox testimonials and readings from OHS-based resources.

For more details about all of the above, news of the OHS Research Library, and ideas for how you can take action, visit the Facebook page.

And thank you again for your support of the Oregon Historical Society Research Library.

— Mary Wheeler
mary.wheeler [at] gmail.com

Please join the Facebook group or contact Mary if you want to learn more. Certainly a lot of us do use Facebook for fun, but it has its practical applications too, and this is one of them. This group allows a quick and easy way for Mary and others to keep in touch with 604 people. Maybe we can think about using it for other advocacy efforts too–and I’m afraid there will be more and more of them needed in the future.

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