How about Education as a new Strategic Priority?

There’s has been some discussion on the SAA SNAP discussion list about the topic I threw open on a previous blog post: what should SAA’s updated strategic priorities be? I want to follow up on that in this forum and throw out a somewhat more specific question: should we replace “Technology” as a priority with “Education”? (Again, it may be helpful to refer to the Strategic Priorities document if you’re not familiar with it.)

We could talk about education in terms of:

  • providing new/expanded educational opportunities for members and the archival community
  • becoming more involved in commenting on (sorry, that’s not the right verb but Mr. Thesaurus is not helping me today) the ways that archivists are being prepared in graduate programs
  • educating and providing resources for non-professionals (sometimes called “accidental” or “citizen” archivists) who have responsibility for collections but no training
  • educating the public about what archives are and what archivists do (you could say that this is really advocacy/public awareness but I think it’s slightly different).

So I think “Education” covers a wide range of activities that are of interest in SAA’s members and support its mission.

But whither “Technology”? I’d be the last person to say it’s not important, but what specific activities can you suggest that might go under this objective in a new strategic plan? What do you think SAA should be doing in the area of Technology and Education?


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