Roundup of links regarding closing of public access to Georgia State Archives

Here is a quick roundup of links:

The petition now has almost 12,000 signatures, but if you haven’t signed it yet, please do that now. And please add any other appropriate updates and links in the comments.

UPDATE: The American Historical Association has also sent a letter to the governor:



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7 Responses to Roundup of links regarding closing of public access to Georgia State Archives

  1. Kathleen Roe says:

    Thanks for centralizing this information Kate.

    Here are some additional articles (note this is getting out in the news well beyond GA). Good ideas for points to make in a letter to the Governor–and letters are helpful in addition to signing online petitions–paper still gets attention, and a thick pile on the Governor’s desk will help. Check the FOGAH website for the action alert with addresses ( or the CoSA website ( or NCH (address above).

  2. Jackie Dooley says:

    The American Library Association sent a letter today:

  3. Kathleen Roe says:

    Latest news just in–7 of the 10 remaining staff have been notified they will lose their jobs if this reduction goes into effect. Keep an eye on the Friends of Georgia Archives and History website for confirming details.

  4. Kate Theimer says:

    Kathleen–Thanks for the updates. What a situation! Hopefully there is still something that can be done and I know if that’s true, that you will be among those doing it.

  5. We have a story up now at the Chronicle, with comments from some scholars and short statements from the governor and the secretary of state:

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