I approve this message: “Wake The F*ck Up!”

I’ve been considering this post for a while, but Samuel L. Jackson’s message hit home:

There was a conversation on Facebook about this a few weeks ago. I know you can argue that Obama hasn’t been as good on many issues (such as openness and transparency) as we would have liked. Many of us who were passionate about him four years ago have been disappointed that he wasn’t everything we wanted. But that disappointment shouldn’t blind us to how clear a choice is before us and how important this election is. If you’re in doubt about that, please take a look at “WHAT YOUR VOTE MEANS, IN THEIR OWN WORDS: A Side-by-Side Comparison of the 2012 Democratic and Republic Party Platform Documents.”

While it’s not part of the issues covered on that site, Romney has publicly stated that he wants to cut funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) by half (source and this is also stated on his own site). NEH provides grants to many projects related to archives, and I think it’s safe to assume Romney would be no friend of the NHPRC if he has no love for the NEH.

Don’t be lulled into complacency by the latest polls. This election hasn’t been won yet. Please, as my friend Mr. Jackson says, wake up! Do what you can. Volunteer, organize, talk to friends and family, and donate. We all know the Republicans have supporters with very deep pockets and seemingly unlimited sources of money available to them. If you can afford to give, please donate to the campaign. Here, here’s an easy link for that too.

Note: I’ve disabled comments on this post because conversations about politics can get quite heated and this blog isn’t about politics. I posted the message that I wanted to post, but I’m not interested in moderating a discussion about it.

UPDATED NOTE: The People of Twitter wanted comments turned on, and so I’m turning them on. However, I reserve the right to turn them off again any time I feel like it. It’s my blog, after all. I’m not a government agency.

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