Archives book group, anyone? Several options & call for suggestions

I’ve been considering doing another book group, with a somewhat different format than the Reading Archives Power one we did a couple of years ago. (Wow. That was three years ago now. Time flies.) I was thinking of trying to  give myself a goal of reading one  archives-related book a month. If I turn this into a book club thing it will give me more of a commitment to really do it, and I’m sure that would be true for others. Anyone interested?

I’ve been interested in reading books about archives and the use of archives written by historians (and other non-archivists), along the lines of:

Other possibilities include books about the digital world, such as:

Or something like:

I think reading books outside our own discipline might be interesting, although of course, there are plenty of wonderful books written by archivists that I have not gotten around to reading too.

In a follow-up post I’ll ask about a different reading list–what books about archives would you must like historians to read? But for now, if you’re interested in participating in a book club for archivists, and if you have ideas about what you’d like to read, please leave a comment.

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