Now available: Job search experiences and career satisfaction among recent archives program graduates

After posting so many links to surveys, it’s nice to be able to follow up and announce when people have survey results to share. This comes from Rebecca Goldman (aka DerangeDescribe):

Last year, Shannon Lausch and I conducted a survey to evaluate employment and career satisfaction among recent archives graduates. We received over 200 responses, and the data is now ready to share! If you go to , you’ll be able to download our survey questions, our presentations from SAA12, and our data.

You are free to use this data for your own research–just cite and link back to it.

Thanks so much to all of you who took the survey, and we hope you find our results useful. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

I only looked through Rebecca’s presentation, and found the results not as bad as I thought they might be. I do wonder though, regarding the issues of negative effects of career choices on finances, personal and family life and other aspects of life, how similar those results would be across the board for post-graduate programs. I suspect that those issues are not unique to graduates of archives programs (not that Rebecca said they were).

I’ll share here the questions she asked at the end of her SAA presentation:

  • If we repeat our survey of recent grads, how can we make it better?
  • Is there a better way to investigate the “too many grads” problem?
  • Besides offering better salaries, how else can we  improve the quality of life of recent grads?
  • If temp positions and relocation are inevitable, how can we better support new grads through temporary work and help them move into permanent employment?

Any thoughts on those questions or reactions to the data collected by the survey?

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