Spontaneous Scholarships 2013: 4 weeks (plus a bit), 84 generous people, 38 lucky people

As we close out the Spontaneous Scholarship drive for this year, I’m happy to report that your donations funded even more people than last year: 26 students and 12 regular SAA members will have their registrations for the SAA Annual meeting reimbursed. As the person who gets to see the messages from everyone, the lucky people and the ones who didn’t get selected, I can tell you that the generosity of the donors is truly appreciated, and everyone is grateful for the chance to get some financial assistance.

For those of you who like numbers, 26 out of 46 student applicants were selected and 12 out of 25 regular applicants, so we were able to fund a little more than half the people who applied. It’s great that we were able to fund so many people since overall donations were down a bit: last year we had 103 donors and raised over $8,000 and this year we had 84 donors giving about $7,500. And I should mention that around the mid-point of this year’s campaign, when I was worried that donations were down, someone who has been very generous in every year wrote an additional Big Check to help out. If it weren’t for that individual’s extraordinary generosity, we wouldn’t have been able to break last year’s record for scholarships. I’m not sure why donations might be down, but I’ll have to give some thought to what I might be able to do to combat possible “donor fatigue.”

But, overall the program has been very successful, of course. Over the past three years your generosity has funded 98 people–58 of them students–and helped them attend the SAA Annual meeting. In 2014 SAA will be returning to D.C., which is traditionally a very well attended meeting. I’m sure we’ll have more names in the hat than ever, so I hope you’ll consider making a donation to help them next June. And thanks again to everyone who contributed this year!



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