Incredible presentation about the Amsterdam City Archives’ “scan on demand” program

Last Friday Ellen Fleurbaay and Marc Holtman of the Amsterdam City Archives gave an incredible presentation about their new approach to scanning. With their permission, I’ve posted their slides here and you can see more information on the “DVD extras” presentation here. You may remember that the web site associated with this project, Archiefbank, was one of our Best Archives on the Web award winners earlier this year. It was a pleasure to be able to meet Ellen and Marc in person, and almost everyone I know who saw this presentation in Jersey City was blown away by it and by what they’ve accomplished.

UPDATE: Dan Santamaria has posted audio, powerpoint, and supplementary files from the presentation by Ellen Fleurbaay and Marc Holtman at Princeton University on November 2, 2009 here. This is essentially the same presentation they gave at MARAC. Thanks, Dan!

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