Flickr not accepting new applications for the Commons through 2010

Via a friend on Facebook (thanks, Patrick!):

From the official Flickr site:

Important Update

Due to the current backlog of requests, we will not be accepting new registrations or requests to join the Commons through 2010.

We apologize for the inconvenience. However, please feel free to begin sharing your photos on Flickr. You don’t need to be an official Commons partner to use our service, as long as you’re abiding by the Yahoo! Terms of Service and the Flickr Community Guidelines.

Thanks for your interest in the Flickr Commons.

Best Regards,

The Flickr Commons team

And more information was posted in a thread on the Flickr Commons discussion area:

Before some rumors get going about this, I want to assure everyone that Flickr is still committed to the Commons and we do hope to bring as many institutions into the Commons as we can during 2010. But the registration process itself was contributing to our inability to work on the queue, so we had to turn off new registrations. We’d like to open it back up to new folks wishing to join sooner than 2011, but our priority is supporting our current institutions and bringing abroad those who have expressed interest in joining. . . .

If you have any more information about this or want to share your experiences joining the Commons, please leave a comment!

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5 Responses to Flickr not accepting new applications for the Commons through 2010

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  2. Kate T. says:

    See also this short piece from Roy Tennant on, “Tragedy of the (Flickr) Commons?” at

    It concludes: “Meanwhile, once again we are reminded what it may mean, at times, to run with the big boys. They can choose, at any time, to take their ball and go home and there is nothing we can do about it.”

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